Year 6D- Llancaiach Fawr

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   llan 1a



What a wonderful time we all had in

Llancaiach Fawr Tudor Mansion.

Smile everyone and let's go back

in time!                                                           


 llan 5

We were all so excited to go inside.

 Get ready Joshua, Kirsty and Jasmine.


 llan 1


 We were greeted by Colonel Pritchard's

servants, who checked we weren't the

enemies before entering.


 llan 2


 Well done Jack. You played a wonderful

tune on this Tudor musical instrument.

We were all so impressed.


 llan 4


Getting ready for the court scene in the

Great Hall


 llan 3

 Busy making pomanders in the Tudor Kitchen.

We made our own when we returned to school

to sell in the Christmas Fayre.