Year 5R Super Spring 2014

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curtis pottage

As part of our Tudor Day, we made Tudor Pottage from a very old recipe. We prepared it in the morning and ate it as part of our Tudor banquet.

Roedd e'n blasus iawn!

banquet In the banquet, we feasted on traditional Tudor foods such as bread, cheese and meat. We had the opportunity to try unusual meats such as pheasant, duck and goose.
tudor dance We ended our banquet with traditional Tudor dancing!
jas pie At Christmas, we made a giant, delicious mince pie which we devoured in our class party!
ath Kai

We recently visited Swansea University to take part in their fitness research. We took part in several activities to test our general fitness, strength and flexibility.

Don't fall over!

erin ath

This jump test was hard work. We had a fabulous if exhausting morning! We would love to do it again (except for the Bleep Test!)