Year 3-4B Autumn Term 2013

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Croeso i Dosbarth Blywddyn 3-4   Autumn Term 2013  

 We have been counting traffic on Pentrepoeth as part of our number work. We used tally charts to record how many cars, lorries, vans, buses, motorbikes and bicycles went past us. There were so many cars that our pencils were almost on fire - over 170 in 15 minutes! We did see a tractor with trailer as well but had nowhere to record it.


 Early in the term we investigated shadows. We drew and measured them. We found out that they moved during the day like the hands of a clock and also changed length.  investigating shadows1
 musical instruments3

 As part of our Sensoria topic we made our own musical instruments. We were given the choice of making instruments that can be hit, shaken, plucked or scraped.

Some of us made multi-use instruments that could be played in more than one way!

 We had fun playing our instruments. In groups, we composed our own graphic scores and played our music to the class whilst Mrs Bradshaw videoed us.  musical instruments1