Croeso i Morning Nursery Autumn 2014

Last modified 16/10/2014 15:26


  We started the term off with               ' Happy Handwriting Week '   - here we all are moving to Write Dance music  -  this helps to develop our muscles ready for writing.                                                                                 nursery 2
nursery 3  We are making writing patterns in the foam - messy but fun!

 We enjoy working on shared pictures and writing.

nursery 1
nursery 9

 Nursery are learning their letter sounds. We opened a 'Pop Up' cafe during 'c' week   "More tea anyone?"

 We are  learning about lots of different colours - we sorted for colour in the classroom....... nursery 7
nursery 8  .....and found all sorts of natural colours outside.
 We love 'Messy Mondays' with Mrs Lewis - here we are experimenting with Autumn colours .... nursery 10
nursery 11  .....and making a lovely collage out of natural material.