Web Links

Last modified 23/10/2013 21:14

Here are links to some websites that you and your children may find enjoyable and interesting.


BBC CBeebies cbeebies                                                                                     BBC Bitesize      

logo_magickey                                                 literacy

                   Magic Key                                                                                                Literacy Zone

maths                                              hp_scienceclips

                            Maths Zone                                                                                       Science Clips


                 NGfl Cymru                                                                                                  Think u Know

cyw                                                                                           kent_ict

          Cyw                                                                                                                              Kent ICT


   nature_grid                                                                                        castell_henllys

          nature grid                                                                                                              castell henllys


bbc_schools                                                                                                  bbc_newsround

        bbc schools                                                                                                                     newsround