Tudor Day November 2013- 6S/W

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Tudor Day November 2013

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We all really enjoyed helping to create our Tudor role play area. Our focus task was to create a news report based on the demise of one of Henry VIII's wives.
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We worked in teams to reasearch the details surrounding Henry's marriage to one of his wives. We found our reading/summarising skills were really important as we made notes.
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We were on a time limit, so it was important that every member of the group made contributions following their reading and learning. We used the iMovie App to record our news reports.
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The directors made sure the newsreaders knew how to present the scripts we wrote using our notes. We had to have a Tudor banquet of course with plenty of bread, cheese and pottage.
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Mr Wolsey provided the entertainment! Mr Wolsey also taught us a Tudor dance.
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All that time playing football/rugby has really paid off- our coordination was superb!!!! It was a really good day and Mrs Stevens was so proud of the way we took part and got involved in all activities.