Spring Term 2014 Dosbarth Mrs Evans

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Our topic this half term is Big Wide World

Gerry the Giraffe arrived in our class and we had to find out where he came from. We had so many questions and we knew a lot about giraffes already!


                       je17 a


 We wrote reports on animals from Africa.

We practised our cutting skills by making these

fabulous parrots!!   


 je12 a

We found out lots of facts about giraffes 

and drew and labelled them

Look at our lovely paintings!! 

                    je13 a


 Here we are comparing Africa to Wales, we know that there are rivers in Wales and Africa, but there are not any deserts in Wales. 

 We love using the ipads for lots of different activities. Puppetpals is one of our favourite apps.



 After our homework on looking for clocks in our house, we enjoyed using clocks that we had brought in from home.

Can you make 2 o'clock?

How about half past 2?

                     je9 a

       This term we have been

measuring each other!

Discovery Dog wanted to find out if older children were taller.       

                                     je1 a        

We found out who was 5 and who was 6; who was the youngest and oldest children in our class. 

Once we had been measured we made a paper strip the same height as us.

 Then we placed all our paper strips on a giant chart.                     je3
                      je4 a  Here is our fanatastic chart! We could see that we were all different heights and that the older children were not always the tallest children.
 We enjoy telling Discovery Dog all about our discoveries!!                     je19