Year 6 S/W - Scream Machine!!!!

Last modified 21/11/2013 17:06
Y6Nov4 As part of our 'Scream Machine' project, we were given the task of designing and making our own roller coasters!!!!
Y6Nov8 From our work earlier in the term, we learned that the first hill/drop had to be the highest so that our marble gained enough potential energy to allow it to complete the roller coaster.
Y6Nov9  We had to do lots of problem solving to ensure our roller coasters met the design brief which stated that we had to include at least one loop.
Y6Nov5  Each group was given a budget to manage in order to 'buy' the materials required for the roller coaster.  Our 'accountants' were very strict handling the money!!!!
Y6Nov10  We also had to carefully consider the safety of our marble!!!! Our roller coasters wouldn't be seen as safe if our marble came off the tracks.  From our previous learning, we knew we had to create friction at the end of the ride!
Y6Nov7  We were so proud of our learning, we invited our families and friends in school to come and see the fun we had whilst learning lots about forces and how they are applied when you build a roller coaster.