Reception Class- Autumn Term 2014

Last modified 16/10/2014 16:11
Autumn 1

In our class we are learning about "glow and glitter".

 One day we went for a walk to find things that shine, glow and glitter. We found a shiny star.

Look, some children saw their reflections. Autumn 2
Autumn 4

 We made some delicious sparkly biscuits to take home.

 The children bought in some shiny and sparkly objects from home and they enjoyed talking to the class about their shiny things.


Autumn 5
Autumn 9

 In the garden we found glittering blue stones. We are learning interesting words such as shiny, sparkle, glow, light, reflect, bright and twinkle.

 We are also enjoying our "writedance" activities. This time the writedance song and activity is called "tree and fairy lights".

Autumn 11