Pitter Patter Puddle Play- Reception, Mrs Jones

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Pitter Patter Puddle Play

Our topic for the Spring Term is Pitter Patter Puddle Play  Picture 061
P1300067 (Mobile)  We are enjoying putting on our wet weather clothes and splashing in the puddles.
One day we had a story about Problem Pup.He get very wet when he went out  to play in the rain, so we decided to make him a coat to keep him dry.Here we are investigating with different materials. 101_5039 (Mobile)
101_5030 (Mobile) The "Right of the month" for February is about keeping healthy. Here we are making a healthy meal for Ringo.
 Here we are presenting our Rhyme Time Challenge to our parents.We really enjoyed learning the five rhymes.  Picture 059
 Picture 060  Chinese New Year- Here we are tasting Chinese food.