Our playground charter

Last modified 25/11/2013 16:54
 playtime1 Our Playground Charter  playtime3

Article 2

All children have these rights no matter what.            

Children will

young leaders and playground buddies will make sure no one is left out.

make sure it is fair and that other children get their rights.

Adults will

resolve any problems so that we can all get our rights.

make sure everyone gets involved.

Article 15

Your right to meet friends and join groups and clubs.

Children will

play with their friends at playtime.

let people join their groups and include them in their activities.

Adults will

set up groups to ensure that children don't play on their own.

train young leaders and playground buddies.

Article 31

Your right to relax and play.

Children will

young leaders and playground buddies will make sure that nobody is left out.

let others play without spoiling their games. 

Adults will

let children have play and free time.

let us go to play outside and when we are tired let us relax.