Nursery Spring Term

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nurs feb1

The children love Messy Mondays! (organized every other week by Mrs Lewis). Here we are enjoying Winter themed artwork.


nurs11 (Custom)  We explored ice during "i" week -" How can we get this shape out of the ice??"
 nurs Feb 4  Everybody enjoyed junk modelling during "j" week..." Hmm.. just need to stick this on here and hey presto!"
 nurs feb5  "Yes...these keys are definatly made of metal - just listen to all those beeps!"
 nurs feb7

"Now what was it I wanted??"

We wrote shopping lists .........

 nurs feb6 ......matched, counted, and recorded ladybird spots....
 nurs feb12 (Custom)

 ....and made real lemonade during "l" week.

(not everybody was sure about the taste!)

 nurs feb8  We celebrated Chinese New year - Look at our Chinese Takeaway ....." Two portions of Special Fried Rice please!"
 nurs feb9 - Copy  We played our instruments and made lots of noise to chase off bad luck during our Dragon Dance!
 nurs feb10



We finished off our celebrations with some lovely Chinese food - just in time for mmmmm week!