Es i i Caerleon

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Es i i Caerleon.

Our class visited Caerleon to kick start our Gods and Gladiators topic.

We had a fantastic day learning about life in Roman times.

We visited the doctors.  Rich and poor people were treated very differently.

rom 1
rom 2 This poor young lady had a headache.  Luckily she was rich.  All the doctor had to do was cut open her head!!! Yuck!!!!
A toothache in Roman times was a terrible thing.  Ferg is going to pull it out. rom 3
rom 4 We sat in the Roman soldiers barracks.  The beds were very lumpy.  We would not have wanted to live here.
Roman Soldiers signed up for 25 years.  At the end of the 25 years they had a pension and the chance to be a Roman citizen. rom 5
rom 6 Ready for battle!!!!!!!!