Croeso i Morning Nursery

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At the beginning of term, Nursery were learning about animals that come out in the night. We had a visit from Pant Glas World of Nature and all of the children (and staff!) were thrilled to be able to interact with a variety of owls and a hedgehog.

The story 'Owl Babies' really came to life when the children met these three fluffy owl babies!

Last term, Nursery planted their own potatoes and watched the plants grow. What a surprise they had when they returned this September and dug up the plants to find lots of new potatoes!

Our cooking group washed and cooked the potatoes and served them with butter for a healthy mid-morning snack.


Activities across the curriculum focus on a weekly sound. For example, in this picture the children are learning about the use of money through our 'Pop-up' Asda shop.


During our 'b' week, we enjoyed role play with Baby Bear from the story 'Whatever Next'...



 ...And here is Holly blowing blue bubbles as part of a bubble printing activity.


Children develop their counting skills by making sets of bananas.



Our cooking group made a scrumptious

blueberry bread and butter pudding for snack - Mmmmm!!!!


The children loved experimenting with tyre tracks in foam using cars during our 'c' week.