Year 5R Autumn Term

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y5nov1 y5nov2

As a stimulus to our Scream Machine topic, we visited Porthcawl.

We learned about the forces of gravity, friction and air resistance.  

On the rollercoaster , we learned about the difference between kinetic and potential energy (whilst screaming!)


y5nov4 y5nov20

In October, we went to Dan-y-coed residential centre for five days. We had a fab time exploring the Mumbles and Gower. We went rock-hopping, caving and orienteering.


We spent a lovely day at Three Cliffs Bay.


y5nov5 y5nov6

We made our own model rollercoasters in teams. We needed to design, plan, build and test our rollercoasters. It was difficult sticking to our budgets!


Our Scream Machine exhibition! Many parents and children came to see our projects.


y5nov7 y5nov8

As a stimulus to our new Tudor topic, 'Off with her head!" we had the opportunity to study Tudor artefacts.


We played with Tudor toys, sketched, wrote with a quill and made coin rubbings of shillings and groats!