Pentrehafod pupils visit the Diversity Fayre in Gower College

Written by T Reynolds-Ibell on 19/10/2016 16:35:52.

Testimonials from a few pupils

  • Vanessa Vaclavkova, 9.5

    Today I went to the Diversity Fayre at the Gower College. It was a lot of fun, everyone was very friendly and kind and there was lots of culture being shared around. There were activities like; henna tattoos, connecting cultures with countries, hair braiding, quizzes, dancers, martial arts, music and foreign name translating. It was very entertaining and interesting. There was also food there from different countries. It was very educational, I learnt of how life is like in different parts of the world. I really enjoyed the trip.

  • Courtney Davies, 9.5

    Today I went on a trip to Gower College, to go to the Diversity fayre. It was a lot of fun and there were many activities there. For example Henna tattoos, hair braiding, dancing, martial arts, music, singing, quizzes, games, name translating, and even a DJ. I really enjoyed the day and loved having Henna and getting my hair braided. I also liked seeing all the different cultures and learning about different parts of the world. I also got to see some of the things they have done to help poorer countries and other parts of the world that aren’t as fortunate as us. Overall, the experience was very fun and educational; I wished the day was longer.

  • Emily Kern, 9.6

    Today we went to Gower College and it was fun. There were lots of Fundraising events for a school in Africa. Some of these events involved dancing, singing, selling handmade ornaments, keychains, hair braiding and henna tattoos. Something I learnt today was my name in Chinese.