Virtual Learning Environment

Last modified 23/08/2013 14:37

A Shared MOODLE Vision

Moodle is an Open Source Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The idea is to take the best aspects of classroom practice and use Moodle as a VLE to transfer that into the home environment.  Moodle provides teachers and learners with all the tools they need to engage in effective e-learning via the Internet.

Moodle, one of the most innovative pieces of educational software and is a viable alternative to the commercial learning platforms.

Parents can support their children using the resources available on Pentrehafod Moodle.  Pupils log into the site using their school username and password.  If your child has difficulties logging in from home, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

What is a learning platform?

Virtually all schools now have networked, broadband access that enables pupils and teachers to access information and resources within the school. The challenge now is to extend the school's network so that it offers access to learning resources, online storage and tools for communication and management not just within school, but from outside it too, through a learning platform.