School Vision

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School Vision/ Gweledigaeth yr Ysgol

The School Vision

Learning Together - Cyd-Ddysgu

School Rationale

At Pentrehafod School, we aim to fully develop the talents of each pupil in a secure and caring environment and to actively involve pupils in the learning process.  The education provided
will be shared with the home and community.  We aim to provide pupils with the skills and
attitudes to view learning as a life-long process, preparing them for all aspects of adult life.

The School Mission

At Pentrehafod we aim to provide an education through our curriculum which:

  • is balanced and broadly based.
  • fulfils the National Curriculum requirements.
  • promotes spiritual, moral, cultural, social and physical development.
  • prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

Our objectives are to -

  • promote equality of opportunity.
  • encourage access to lifelong learning.
  • provide suitable premises & resources.
  • develop an awareness of the cultural identity of Wales.
  • foster true partnerships with primary and post-16 education.
  • promote both the physical and emotional well being of pupils.
  • provide a full range of national curriculum courses for all pupils.
  • promote an understanding of the economic life of the community.
  • promote an understanding of global citizenship and sustainability.
  • enable all individuals to achieve their potential and develop further as independent learners.