School Uniform

Last modified 03/08/2016 09:54
School Uniform/ Gwisg Ysgol

School Uniform

  • Plain black tailored straight leg trousers not skinny trousers or jeans or a Skirt of a suitable length
  • Plain white shirt with school tie
  • School polo shirt with badge                          
  • School sweatshirt or v neck jumper with badge                             
  • Sensible plain black low heeled shoes  
  • Trainers are not acceptable
  • If religion requires the wearing of a headscarf it is to be plain black or plain dark blue.
  • Dark coloured outer coat
  • Facial/body piercing is not allowed.
  • Wearing hooded tops as school coats is not allowed

Physical Education Kit

New School PE Kit—Compulsory for Year 7 to 9
Gym Shoes & Trainers
Plain one-piece swimsuit and towel
A swimming cap is essential for pupils with long hair
Blue Rugby Top with School Logo (optional)
A black tracksuit is optional for outdoor use only or for religious reasons. 

Other Equipment

Bag A strong rucksack or holdall (NOT a handbag). 
  A separate bag is required for physical education kit.
Jewellery A wrist watch.
  A single pair of ear studs or small earrings (sleepers)
  Facial jewellery or facial piercings are not acceptable.
  For Health & Safety reasons, any jewellery worn in school must be removed during Physical Education lessons.

We will not accept any responsibility for jewellery worn to school.

Hair No unnatural hair colours at school.
Shaved heads or tramlines are not acceptable.
Makeup No excessive makeup
Mobile phones/ Personal music players
  Mobiles are NOT to be used in school buildings.
  Any Pupil needing to contact home urgently can use the telephone in Reception. 
  No MP3/iPods in school.

We will not accept any responsibility for mobiles, MP3s or iPods.