STF - Speech and Language

Last modified 27/09/2012 08:17


Pentrehafod Speech and Language Specialist Teaching Facility opened in 1997 to provide secondary education to pupils with speech and language impairments within the City and County of Swansea. Three specialist teachers, 11 teaching assistants, (TAs) form the core of a dynamic team who work with our pupils and mainstream, subject teachers on a daily basis, to provide positive, learning opportunities for our pupils. Two speech and language therapists are with us on a part time basis. All staff undergo specialist training in Speech and Language and regularly undertake other important and relevant training.

A solution-focussed and holistic approach is the foundation of our intervention towards personalised learning, at Pentrehafod. We believe a happy, confident pupil is a pupil who will learn well and reach their potential. To help our pupils achieve this goal we provide a safe, secure environment for learning and provide the means to enable access to a curriculum suited to the pupils’ individual needs.

We believe that our parents and pupils are the most important members of our team and we are committed to an effective working relationship with parents who we contact regularly by telephone, letter and home/school liaison books. Parents and pupils are also involved in the design of our individual education plan. (IEP).
All subject teachers can access these documents on the school’s computer network. The pupils’ strengths, areas requiring development, and a range of strategies are outlined in the IEP to help teachers, help the pupils access the curriculum.
We also encourage parents to contact us with any concerns or developments and look forward to meeting with them at our parent evenings and annual reviews. We value our parents’ and pupils’ views and find that learning is accelerated for those pupils whose parents are actively involved with their children’s learning at home.