Restorative Practice

Last modified 22/05/2013 12:19
Restorative Practice at Pentrehafod School
  • Pentrehafod committed to Restorative Practice in January 2012.

    RP LogoBeing a Restortive School means that we check-in with our pupils in the morning to talk about feelings, targets and achievements. We use circles and restorative strategies to help pupils make things right during sanctions and support their behaviour to help them move on.

  • Staff · Families · Communities

    school logoWe encourage our staff to check-in and express how they feel in a safe and supportive environment. We work with families and the community to provide strong links with the school to help secure our pupils' successful futures.

    There are the four key elements of restorative practice in our school:

  • The Social Discipline Window

    Restorative GridStaff use lots of control and lots of support to work with pupils

  • Fair Processes

    fair processPupils are treated fairly and are involved in decisions that affect them

  • Free Expression of Emotions

    Staff and pupils are encouraged to talk about how they feel

  • Restorative Questions

    Staff and pupils use common language when working together to develop community or repair harm.

    These are the Restorative Questions we use when responding to achievements or incidents: