How to use your planner

Last modified 16/07/2012 19:17

How to use your Planner


¨ Bring it every day and take it to every lesson

¨ Write in your homework, tests, examinations and reminders

¨ Look after your planner.  It is your responsibility!

¨ If you lose it, tell your Form Tutor immediately

¨ If you lose or mark it in any way you will have to buy a new one

¨ You can use the ‘My Space’ pages at the back for making notes



¨ Please examine this planner closely and sign it each fortnight

¨ We rely on Parents/Carers to take an interest in their child’s homework

¨ The planner can be used as a communication link between parents/ carers and staff

¨ You can use the Absence Pages to give reasons for your child’s absence and they remain in the planner as a record for you


Form Tutors

¨ Form Tutors will check this planner and sign it every fortnight

¨ Please support us at home by ensuring you check your child’s planner each fortnight


People to Contact

Headteacher Mr N Jones

Deputy Headteachers Mr R Gough  Mrs L Statts   Mr S Riordan

Chair of Governors        Mrs M Hughes c/o School

Year Leader Year 7 Miss K A Davies

Year Leader Year 8 Mr M James

Year Leader Year 9 Mrs S Harding

Year Leader Year 10 Mr M Thomas

Year Leader Year 11 Mrs K Crabbe

Special Educational Needs Coordinator Mrs H Thomas

For Admissions advice Mrs A Evans

For Attendance issues Ask for the PAWB Team

For help with uniform/trips/school meals Mrs M Hopkins / Mrs G Jones

For GCSE/External Examinations Mrs S Davies