Fire Alarm Procedures

Last modified 15/06/2010 12:37

Fire Precautions

Fire drills will take place once a term under the guidance of the Assistant Head (Premises) and the Health and Safety Officer.  Procedures to be adopted will be displayed in each room and the gathering point will be clearly defined.  This area is labelled clearly on the Redgra.   Evacuation procedure held.  The Premises Officer, in conjunction with the Health & Safety Officer, will write a brief report in the fire log held in the pupil support office highlighting where the alarm was set off and noting any problems which will then be rectified. The LEA has a legal responsibility to ensure the maintenance of exits, escape routes and the maintenance of all fire fighting equipment.  All records are kept by the Site Manager and must be reported to the Health and Safety Officer.

Evacuation procedures

When the fire alarm sounds everyone on site must follow the fire evacuation procedure:

Everyone on site makes their way to, and assembles on, the redgra area.  Staff with forms must stand in front of their form.  All remaining staff must assemble at the back of pupil lines to assist with pupil control and safe assembly.

It is the responsibility of the Headteacher, Site Manager, Premises Officers, SLT, Health and Safety Officer and all staff to make sure that all children and personnel have left the specified zones.

Zone 1 - ground floor of building 1 and foyer.  G Rees, W Davies, ICT technicians, M Hendy.

Zone 2 - Upper floor of building 1 and link.  C Jones, D Evans, K A Davies.

Zone 3 - Hall, Gym, East Wing and swimming pool.  Premises Officers, J Hill, J Morris and PE staff.

Zone 4 - outside demountables and double demountables.   K Gipson, M Jost.

Zone 5 - ground floor building 2.  A F John, S Harding.

Zone 6 - upper floor building 2.  K P Walters, H L Thomas.

Zone 7 - STF.  B J Smith, C Phillips.

Zone 8 -  Outside play areas.  S Riordan, M Hendy.

If the above members of staff are not visible in their zones, then teaching staff are to act as the fire marshal for that area and ensure that the area is clear.  This must then be reported to the Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher, the Fire Co-ordinator.

It is the responsibility of the person in charge of co-ordinating the evacuation (Headteacher/Site Manager/Member of SLT) to make sure that people checking these areas report to him/her and state that the areas are clear.  This information can then be given to the fire service fighting the fire.