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Attendance/ Presenoldeb

Attendance, Punctuality & Leaving School Premesis


  • We recognise and celebrate good attendance at Pentrehafod.
  • Attendance certificates and merits/credits are awarded.
  • We ask families to telephone the school early in the morning of the first day of absence.
  • There must be a genuine reason for any absence.
  • Pupils must have a note from home in their planner on their return.
  • Family holidays should be booked out of term time when possible.
  • If Pupils are away from school for a long period of time, work will be set by Staff upon request from the Year Leader or from home – Parents and Guardians need to talk to us about this as soon as they can
  • Pupils must also try to catch up on work missed during absences.


  • Pupils must arrive in school by 8.30am
  • If a Pupil arrives late after registration they must sign in at the PAWB Room
  • The school will phone home/text if a Pupil fails to attend registration. 
  • This is to ensure THEIR safety and to work with home to maintain their good attendance
  • Pupils must arrive promptly to registration and to every lesson

Leaving School Premesis

  • If Pupils have a medical appointment they must bring a note from home – in their Planner.
  • ALL pupils must remain on site at lunchtime unless they have a lunch at home pass.
  • Lunch passes to go home are available from Year Leaders following receipt of a letter from Parents/Carers.
  • No Pupil is to leave the school site without permission.
  • No Pupil is to leave school during break and lesson times.