What is a Peace Mala School?

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For the past 18 months Penllergaer Primary has been on a journey to become a Peace Mala School.  We promote tolerance and respect.  We have 10 values devised by all our stakeholders – pupils, staff, parents and governors. Pam Evans, founder of Peace Mala, led an assembly introducing us to the pioneering work done by Peace Mala to promote peace.

Our school motto is ‘Our school is for everyone’ and we are very proud of our diversity.  One of our school aims is to create a safe and stimulating environment where all our children feel valued and included irrespective of race, gender, disability and religion. We learn respect and tolerance for other people. 

 Members of the school community were offered the opportunity to make Peace Mala bracelets. Our local Vicar now wears a Peace Mala like many of our staff, pupils, parents and governors.


Our head teacher has presented Peace Mala bracelets to the Head Teachers at our partner schools in Spain, Turkey, China, Northern Ireland and Poland. Teachers and students from Bangladesh visited our school last November and we treated them to some traditional welsh folk dancing, music and food.

Peace Mala’s motto is ‘treat others as you would like to be treated yourself’. This means people, animals, plants and our planet. Our Peace Mala work has given us the opportunity to learn about the major religions of the world and through our daily assemblies and class lessons studied topics like Fairtrade, the holocaust and Caring for animals.


We were the second school in Swansea to achieve the highly prestigious National Quality Award for healthy Schools. It was fantastic to have our work on food and fitness, health and hygiene, substance misuse, looking after the environment, SRE and Well being recognised as outstanding practice.

Penllergaer Primary has also achieved an Eco school award last week for all the work we do looking after our environment, saving energy and reducing, reusing and recycling.


After a great deal of research and gathering of ideas and opinions, we have developed a Gardd Heddwch (Peace Garden) at the front of our school.  All pupils submitted their ideas of what should be included in the peace garden.  Junior pupils were given a plan of the area, asked to research one of the major religions and decide how best to represent it in the garden.   The Lord Mayor  officially opened the garden for us on Monday 18th June.

We have an assembly every day at Penllergaer. Every Tuesday a local religious leader leads. We learn about Christianity and the different faiths of the World. We have our own school prayer which we recite together to start our assembly and we end with ‘Anapana’ (reflection / meditation time).  We celebrate the main festivals of various cultures such as Chinese New Year, Eid, Divali, Chanukah, Christmas, St David’s Day and Easter.

We are very proud of our Charity work at Penllergaer. We have supported Comic Relief, Children in Need, Water aid, Mary’s meals and every year we collect rice and pasta for an orphanage in Romania. We also collected 102 shoes boxes for Operation Christmas child.

Penllergaer is also a Rights Respecting School. We know about the United Nations Articles for Children’s rights, but also know that every right comes with a responsibility. For example: Children have the right to an education, And the responsibility to learn as much as we can including helping others to learn.

Children have the right to think what we want and follow any religion, And have the responsibility to respect others people’s thoughts and religion. Some people have campaigned for children’s rights and we have been inspired by their words:

                  Ghandi said:     Be the change you want to see in the world.

Richard Branson said:     We have inherited an incredibly beautiful world from our parents. It is in our hands whether  children inherit the same world. We must not be the generation responsible for damaging our environment.

 Nelson Mandela said:    We owe our children a life free of violence and fear.

 Barack Obama said:    Today is the day we make sure that the world we leave our children is just a little bit better than the one we inhabit tod

 Jean Rabert Cadet

 In October 2011, we welcomed Jean Robert Cadet to our school. We heard many things about his life as a child slave in Haiti and the hard work he is doing around the world to protect Children’s Rights, stop child slavery and campaign to ensure all child have the Right to an education. As we are very lucky to have such a wonderful school, we helped Jean Robert by taking part in the Wear Blue to School Day, to show our support for a child’s right to an education. We raised £300.

 We hope you have enjoyed learning about our journey as much as we have enjoyed travelling along it.  However, we have not yet reached our destination – we know our route is a long one which won’t always be smooth. We’ll meet many hazards and jams along the way but these will test our strength of character and determination to strive ever nearer to our goal for World Peace. 

This is our future and the children of Penllergaer Primary school are determined that we WONT throw it away!



Click  the player to see the presentation we made for the Mayor.

 It shows all the things we do that makes Penllergaer Primary School a Peace Mala School.

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