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We have an extensive collection of books / magazines / sports programmes / DVD's in our ever growing library.

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Junior Librarian is a web-based library system designed specifically for schools, which allows pupils and teachers to borrow and return books and resources from the school library.

Using a special barcode reader, serial code stickers and individual logons, Junior Librarian allows users to search for, reserve and review books online, at home and in school.

It can be accessed from from any computer with an internet connection, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or other smartphone or tablet, through each child's individual logon.



Download the Android, iPhone, Ipad or iPod App - This is a fantastic tool to find books in our library. 


iMLS    appstore


CLICK HERE for another excellent video on how to use our iMLS app!

Benefits to Our Pupils

“Who Next?”

 An automatic list of recommended reads. Helps pupils to pick similar books to the ones they have already enjoyed.

Self Service

 Pupils can borrow and return their own books, giving them the feeling of ownership of the library.

Write Reviews

 Write a book review and give a star rating; great feature for developing literacy and writing     skills. You can even add video reviews.

Meets Pupil's Technology Expectations

 Apps for iPhone, iPad, smartphones and tablets.

Easy to Use Interface

 Simple interface and search facilities to suit pupils of all ages.


 Thousands of pre approved, curriculum relevant and safe websites added to the catalogue.

Access From Home

 Write or film reviews. Search the library to find and reserve books from home.

Encourages Independent Learning and ICT Skills

Children can use the search facility to locate books in our library on a massive range of topics to support the curriculum. 

Benefits to Our Parents

Access to the School Library

 From any computer with an internet connection, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or other smartphone or tablet.

iMLS App

 Download the app and Scan the ISBN of any book anywhere to check if it is available in the school library. Why spend lots of money on books that are probably already in our library!

Produce Video Reviews

 A fun and interesting way of getting involved with your child’s reading progress.

“Who Next?”

Help your child pick their next book with the help of “Who Next?” then reserve it.

Track your Child's Reading Progress

View their past loans and what they are currently reading.