Road Safety

Last modified 29/04/2012 21:06

Road Safety is a very important issue.

 Junior Road Safety Officers

We have 4  JRSO's in school. They represent the school at County Road Safety Meetings. They then feed back to the school what they have found out and learnt. They also represent the school in the annual County Road Safety Quiz.








If any pupil has any road safety issues or concerns (in particular relating travelling to and from our school) they should bring these to the JRSO's so that they can be dealt with.

 Further information can be found at the County Website.

Tales of the road


 Click  'Tales of  the Road'  to go to the Department of Transport Website. It has lots of facts, advice and great games. It has also has a link for grown ups which contains  tips and advice to help keep you and your children safe as pedestrians, cyclists and whilst travelling in a car.

 Click here for the 'Tales of the Road'  booklet.