Restorative Practice

Last modified 23/01/2014 20:54

Restorative Practice is what we use in school to solve disputes and upset between pupils.

What is Restorative Practice and when should we use it?

Restorative practice a way of helping people deal with situations where someone has been harmed. It gives people the chance to understand how their behaviour has affected others and to put things right. Everyone who has been affected by an incident is given the opportunity to speak openly and honestly about what has happened. Restorative practice gives support to both those harmed and those responsible.

Restorative circles should take place with all people who have been affected and each person should be given the chance to answer all of the questions, in order, without interruption. It is important that everyone listens and everyone is give the chance to be heard.

The 6 Magic Questions

1. What happened?

2. What were you thinking at the time?

3. What have your thoughts been since?

4. How has this affected you and others?

5. What has been the hardest thing for you?

6. What do you think should happen next?

Click here to down load a handy bookmark if you would like help with using and becoming more familiar with this method.