From the Headteacher

Last modified 12/10/2011 13:04


Dear Parent/Carer,      

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you and your child toPenllergaer Primary School and hope that the years spent here will be happy and successful.  We are extremely proud of all that goes on in our school.   We strongly believe that every child is valued at Penllergaer and this is reflected in our motto: "Our school is for everyone".

As parents you want a good education for your children. You also want them to be happy and to feel safe and secure. Your child is the most precious thing you have and you want the best for him/her. Your child is also the most precious thing we have and we too want the best him/her. It is with this in mind that we endeavour "to expect the best, give the best and be the best", interpreting BEST as "Building Everyone's Success Together" 

The staff aim to provide a colourful and stimulating environment where children can be challenged and motivated to produce their best. Visitors to the school often comment on the warm welcome they receive and the politeness and courtesy of our pupils.

We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum with experienced staff, both teaching and teaching support - trained to a high level. We aim to develop the whole child - intellectually, socially, morally, aesthetically, physically and spiritually and equip them with the skills needed for life in an ever changing technological society. In addition, your child will build confidence, become more independent, learn to make decisions and develop the ability to articulate feelings and ideas. We also attach great importance to the development of pupils' social skills and seek to enable them to build relationships with other children and adults and be sensitive and respectful to the feelings and needs of others. Our staff are highly skilled at assessing pupils' individual level of development and then supporting them in moving, at their own pace, towards reaching their full potential. We work hard to ensure that all children feel good about themselves and acquire a high level of self-esteem.  

We view parents as essential partners in the education of children. Many of you give valued assistance at school and encouragement in the various tasks that children take home. You can learn and understand more of what goes on in school by regular contact and discussion with members of staff. Please feel free to come and talk to us whenever you have information of value or a problem to discuss. 

We will provide frequent opportunities to keep you informed about the ways in which we are working with your child.

We are keen to have parental involvement at all levels and if you have any spare time to come into the school and work with us, we will be very pleased to accommodate you. We already have an excellent team of volunteers who make a significant contribution to the success of the school, as well as an active Parent/Teacher Association. However, there is always room for more helpers!   

I encourage you to browse around our website. You will find details of school events, visitors and activities that serve to enliven the curriculum, alongside information about our after school club and extensive range of extra curricular activities that your children can participate in.    

Please remind your child to look at our Children’s area.  There are some great interactive activities for them to do where they can learn about maths, health, science and history in a fun and exciting way.

Penllergaer is an inclusive school. We may look different, behave differently, develop at different times and at different rates, learn at different times and in different ways, but we are all equal.

We are delighted to have your family with us and hope you will all be happy in our school.

Yours faithfully,

Jayne Woolcock