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Last modified 09/05/2012 18:08



Penllergaer Primary School has joined the Eco schools programme.  Eco Schools is much more than an environmental management system for schools.  It is a programme for promoting environmental awareness in a way that links to many curriculum subjects and education for sustainable development.  It is also an award scheme that will raise the profile of our school.  Our aim is to reduce is to reduce re-use and recycle as much as possible rather than throw it away.



Yellow Pages

We are collecting old copies of Yellow Pages for recycling.  Yellow Pages directories are recycled most often into: cardboard, animal bedding, packaging, egg boxes, insulation materials, padded envelopes, paper bags and art paper.

Please bring your old Yellow Pages into school

For more information have a look at the website:


 Mobile phones

We are recycling mobile phones.  Please bring in all the old phones you no longer use.  Ask at work, ask friends.  The more we collect the better.

Did you know

v    On average UK mobile users change their phone every 18 months

v    In the next year over 100 million phones will be thrown away in Europe

v    Electronics can be recycled to recover gold and other precious metals

v    By recycling mobile phones we reduce the toxic waste dumped into landfill sites including cadmium, lead, zinc and mercury

v    Recycling reduces landfill



Printer Cartridges

We are recycling:

v    All Hewlett Packard Inkjet cartridges

v    All Lexmark inkjet cartridges

v    Canon BC-1, BC-02, BC-05, BC-23, BX – 2 and BX-3

For each cartridge recycled, up to £1.50 will be donated to Childline.



Used Postage Stamps

     We are collecting used postage stamps for the Leukemia Research Foundation




Vision Aid Overseas is collecting spectacles for their work in the developing world. We will be collecting them in school and arranging for collections on a regular basis.

Unfortunately they cannot take the following:

    *Spectacles that are broken or in bad condition,
    *Bifocals or varifocals,
    *Spectacle cases.

All others will be gratefully received.



From time to time we will host special ‘Recycling’ days and collect unwanted clothes, CDs/DVDs and books. We will inform you of these dates when appropriate.