Comenius Project

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We have been fortunate to be accepted onto another European project. This time our partners are Finland, Spain and Turkey, The project’s title is My Home in Our Europe: Celebrating Difference. The project aims to enable pupils from across Europe to work effectively together, developing their knowledge and awareness of the cultural aspects that make us unique and bring us together under a shared European identity. It promotes awareness of the importance of the cultural and linguistic diversity that makes up the Europe of today. This partnership allows us to explore and celebrate differences in aspects of culture and tradition along with appreciating the beauty and diversity of our landscapes. It will increase pupil motivation & participation in the project by encouraging them to take responsibility for the project involving them in planning, monitoring & evaluating.

The project has included visiting schools in other countries-below are photographs from the visit to the Turkish school.

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Our children had the opportunity to visit a school in Finland.

To read the blogs and see photographs from our fantastic trip to Finland this year, written by the children who went, click the Finnish flags. 

finlandflag (WinCE) finlandflag (WinCE) finlandflag (WinCE)
Day 1-Porvoo Day 2-Eureka Science Day Day 3-Goodbye







In our own school, the children have made information packs for the children in our partner schools to learn about us.

wales (Small)  

   perfect pen (Small)      leek and potato soup (Small)                       

We have also received visits from the mascots of our partner schools, whilst our own mascot-Dewi the Dragon-has been visiting them all.                                      

Leo (Small) moomin (Small)

Leo the Lion from
Spain visits Year 1/2

A Moomin from 
Finland  visits Year 3/4