Staff List

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Integrated Staffing Structure

Team Compositions – 2015/16



Leadership Team





Mr R. Phillips



Leader of Teaching, Learning & Pupil Progress - Senior Deputy

Mr P Davies



Leader of the Learning Community - Deputy Head


Leader of Pupil Wellbeing for Learning - Assistant Head

Mr M. Gibbs


Mr A Payne


Business Manager/Head Teacher PA/Clerk to Governors


Leader Of Lower School

Leader Of Upper School

Mrs R. Frew


Mr. R. Lloyd

Mrs. L. Fry


English Faculty Team




Head of Faculty

Mr M. Turner

Teacher / Progress Leader Of Year 8

Miss H. Tucker


Ms L. Longden

Teacher / Literacy Co-ordinator

Teacher / Educational Visit Co-ordinator

Mrs G. Davies

Mr R. Lloyd

Literacy Support Teacher

Miss H. Thomas

Literacy Support Assistant

Mrs J. Wakefield 

Literacy Support Assistant


Ms. S. Owen

Maths Faculty Team




Head of Faculty

Mr M. Pompa

Teacher / Progress Leader Of Year 11

Mr R. Karam

Teacher / Progress Leader of Year 9

Mr R. Cannon



Ms C. Hill





Science Faculty Team



Head of Faculty

Mr D. Griffiths


Miss L. Morris


Miss S. Thomas

Teacher / Progress Leader Of Year 10

Miss H. Thomas


Miss D. Evans




Humanities Team




Head of Faculty (History)

Mrs K. Wallis

Teacher (RE/Welsh Bacc Co-ordinator)

Teacher (Geog)

Mr P. Lee

Mr N. Morgan 

Teacher / Work Skills

Welsh Bacc Learning Coach

Mr R Edwards

Ms. T. Simons


Technology Team




Head of Faculty

Miss D. Taylor


Mrs S. Cash


Miss K. Morgan

Technology Support Assistant

Miss K. Ayres

Technology Support Assistant

Mr. A. Richards








Languages Team




Head of Faculty

Mrs L. Griffin

Teacher in charge of Spanish & French

Miss L. Simons

Teacher in charge of Welsh

Mrs Y. Lewis



Expressive Arts Team




Head of Faculty/Teacher of Drama

Ms N. Smith

Teacher in charge of PE

Mr A. Pascoe

Teacher of PE (Girls)

Mrs H. Hennessy

Teacher in charge of Art

Mrs L. Fry 






ICT Team




Head of ICT Faculty

Mr M. Hare

ICT Teacher

Mr A. Karam

ICT/Resources/Technology Support

Mr B. Griffiths/Mr N. Fermandel

Facilities & Network Manager

Mr M. Jenkins