Sex Education Policy

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At Dylan Thomas Community School we recognise the importance of health education to promote the quality of life of the individual pupil.  Sex Education is an integral part of this programme that aims to prepare pupils for the responsibilities and experiences of adult life.  We recognise and value the important role that parents and carers play in this area and we intend to work closely with them in delivering the aims of this policy.




  1. To provide pupils with the knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions that will lead to a healthy lifestyle.


  1. To ensure that sex education is taught within the context of relationships, encouraging respect for oneself and others.


  1. To address objectively sensitive issues such as abortion and other ethical issues and to give pupils the opportunity to explore and clarify their own moral values and attitudes.


  1. To provide information about growth and development, the process of human reproduction and STDs, including HIV and AIDS.


  1. To equip pupils to take responsibility for their behaviour in their personal relationships and assist them in their present and future relationships.


  1. To raise awareness of the need to keep oneself and others safe.


  1. To encourage a willingness to value others and be aware of the diversity of relationships.







  1. Sex Education is delivered through the cross-curricular framework of Personal, Social Education which is our Tutor taught programme.  It is line-managed by the two Key Stage Co-ordinators and the Heads of Year take responsibility for ensuring that resources and support are available to Tutors.


  1. Staff who are involved in the delivery of this policy must liaise closely with the co-ordinators.


  1. The sex education programme will be planned to provide continuity and progression to ensure that it is sensitive to the needs of our pupils.


  1. The school nurse and other external speakers will assist in the delivery of this policy, as arranged by the Key Stage Co-ordinators.


  1. Video and other visual aids are available as back-up materials but must be used as suggested in the programmes of study.



Parents have the right to withdraw pupils from the parts of the sex education programme that are not contained within the compulsory National Curriculum in Science.