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Maths is a core subject and is taught in KS3 and KS4 as a compulsory subject. All classes in KS3 and KS4 are taught Maths for 7 (1 hour) lessons per fortnight.

Each of our classrooms has an interactive whiteboard and we also have a suite of 23 computers. The member s of staff are:

Mrs. R. Smith (Head of Mathematics Faculty)

Mr. M. Pompa  (Numeracy coordinator)

Mr. R. Karam

Mrs C. Hill

Mr. R. Cannon

As a faculty, we deliver mathematics based on the ethos and content of the new, skills-based, National Curriculum. All pupils are taught each of the four mathematical attainment targets, these being:

  • Using and Applying Mathematics
  • Number and Algebra
  • Space, Shape and Measures
  • Handling Data

The Mathematics department aims to ensure that each student on leaving school is numerate, has sufficient mathematical skills for the career of his/her choice and will understand the mathematics likely to be encountered in daily adult life. In addition, we hope that students will acquire the logical abilities characteristic of the mathematician and will develop an interest in the historical, recreational and cultural aspects of mathematics for his/her chosen career.

The department aims to teach mathematics in such a way that students will

  • develop confidence in their mathematical abilities
  • be able to use mathematics as an essential element of education
  • see mathematics as a powerful tool
  • develop an appreciation of mathematical relationships
  • develop an awareness of the fascination of mathematics
  • work systematically, independently and co-operatively
  • work in an imaginative and flexible manner
  • use their initiative wherever possible

At the end of his/her mathematical education in this school, each student should be able to

  • perform basic 'numeracy' skills
  • perform the basic mathematical skills needed in his/her chosen career or for entry to higher or further mathematical education
  • reason clearly and logically, and set out a logical argument
  • approach problems systematically, choosing appropriate techniques for their solution
  • follow logical instructions clearly expressed
  • experience satisfaction in and enjoyment of his/her mathematical achievements
  • obtain any formal mathematical qualifications needed for his/her chosen career

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