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Mr M Hare – Head of ICT Faculty and ICT Co-ordinator

Mr P J Davies – Deputy Head and Teacher of ICT

Mr A Karam – Teacher of ICT and Business Studies

Key Stage 3

Throughout Key Stage 3 pupils are taught two discrete ICT lessons a fortnight. The main objective is to challenge and stimulate all children in order to develop their skills, whatever their age, gender or intellectual level.

At Key Stage 3 we follow the National Curriculum guidelines, to ensure all pupils are given the opportunity to gain a variety of skills. In years 8 and 9 pupils will undertake a Key Skill in ICT.

Key Stage 4

Pupils follow the EdExcel DIDA (Diploma in Digital Applications) qualification.

DIDA promotes creative use of digital applications. It's real life, outcome driven approach inspires and challenges learners to demonstrate what they know and are able to do in authentic contexts. Pupils are able gain up to 4 GCSE’s.

BTEC Firsts in Information and Creative Technology will be available for the first time from September 2013 onwards. This qualification inspires and enthuses level 2 learners to become technology savvy – producers of technology products and systems and not just consumers. They provide learners with:

  • an understanding and knowledge of how organisations in the information technology and creative technology industries operate
  • the key skills required to work in these industries
  • key concepts and principles related to the world of information and creative technologies


Other Information:

All pupils sign up and agree to abide by the safe use of the computer system agreement (see documents page) which must be signed by pupils and their guardian(s). Additionally, ICT classroom rules are clearly displayed in any room which has ICT equipment.

We also take the subject of e-Safety very seriously and each year group undertakes a module on this topic in each module from year 7 to 11 to make sure pupils are aware of the dangers of using ICT equipment and the Internet (please visit the e-Safety section on this web site for information for guardians).