Equal Opportunities Policy

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October 14













Dylan Thomas Community School is committed to promoting and achieving equality of opportunity for all students, parents, staff, governors and visitors. We believe that all people are of equal value and are entitled to equality of opportunity irrespective of ability, disability, sex, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, social class, appearance or sexual orientation.


The Policy will be reviewed by the School Council annually and by Governors every two years.





Chair of Governors or Chair of Pupil Wellbeing Sub-Committee




















Equality of opportunity is fundamental to good practice in education, in which

fairness of opportunity for all is a basic right. This policy is therefore

underpinned by the following values, principles and standards:


? equality and social justice

? acknowledging and valuing diversity

? respect for others

? compliance with equal opportunities legislation

? elimination of all forms of prejudice and unfair discrimination

? active challenge to stereotypes, prejudiced attitudes and unfair discriminatory behaviour

? commitment to inclusive education which enables and supports all students to develop their full potential

? commitment to the positive development of all staff and governors

? accountability for compliance with this policy by all members of the School and College communities and others engaged in School business

or activities.



The objectives of this Equal Opportunities Policy are to: 


(i) develop an ethos which respects and values all people

(ii) actively promote equality of opportunity

(iii) prepare students for life in a diverse society

(iv) promote good relations amongst people within the School community and the wider communities within which we work

(v) eliminate all forms of unfair discrimination, bullying, harassment or other oppressive behaviour

(vi) deliver equal opportunities through our School policies, procedures and practice

(vii) do our utmost, within available resources, to remove barriers which limit or discourage access to School provision and activities

(viii) take positive action to provide encouragement and support to individuals and groups whose progress has been limited by stereotyping and cultural expectations

(ix) monitor the implementation of equal opportunities within the School

(x) set targets for improvement and evaluate the impact of equal opportunities action in achieving our goals.



Communication of Equal Opportunities Policy

We will take active steps to communicate this Equal Opportunities Policy to

all students, parents, staff, governors, partners, stakeholders, contractors

and visitors to the School



.Responsibilities and accountabilities

The Governors are responsible for:


? making sure the School follows all of its equality and diversity policies and codes, and meets its legal responsibilities with respect to equality.


The Head Teacher is responsible for:


? giving a consistent and high-profile lead on equality and diversity

? promoting equal opportunities inside and outside the School

? ensuring policies and procedures are in place to comply with all equality legislation

? ensuring that the School implements its equality and diversity policies and codes of practice


School managers are responsible for:


? putting the School’s equality and diversity policies and codes into practice

? making sure that all staff know their responsibilities and receive the support and training necessary to carry them out

? following the relevant procedures and taking action in cases of unfair discrimination, harassment or bullying


All staff are responsible for:


? promoting equality and diversity, and avoiding unfair discrimination

? challenging any incidents of unfair discrimination, or racial, sexual or

other stereotyping, perpetrated by students or other staff

? keeping up-to-date with equality law and participating in equal

opportunities and diversity training


Pupils are responsible for:


? respecting others in their language and actions

? obeying all of the School’s equal opportunities policies and codes

Monitoring and review