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Welcome to Year 1

Croeso i Blwyddyn 1




Have a look to see what Year 1 have been up to!


We used our senses to explore Christ Church.

Mrs Allen 1

On Shwmae day, we composed music for a miracle of St David. 

Mrs Allen 2


When we went to the library, we listened to stories, made monster masks, danced a monster dance and read books.

Mrs Allen 3


Can you make monsters out of your hand and foot prints?

Mrs Allen 3a


Maths is fun indoors, outdoors and on the PC.

Mrs Allen 4

Mrs Allen 5

Mrs Allen 6


At the end of Anti-Bullying Week, we made and gave our friends a friendship certificate and bracelet.

Mrs Allen 7


It’s great learning together.  

Mrs Allen 8

Mrs Allen 9



Check back in a few weeks to see more!