Helping your child to read

Last modified 14/02/2014 17:02
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  • Use your home language to discuss books, characters and settings.  Value your home language. Developing your child’s home language will improve their thinking skills.


  • Join a library.


  • Acquire bilingual, English and books in your home language.  Developing your child’s literacy skills in the home language will only enhance their learning.


  • Encourage your child to enjoy books from a very young age.


  • Try to acquire some traditional stories from your own culture and the UK culture eg. Fairytales.


  • Make time to read to or with your child.  Just before bedtime is always good.


  • Encourage your children to read to each other.


  • If you are not able to read English yourself still ask your child to read to you.  You can learn together.


  • Ask friends or family to help.


  • Buy a bilingual dictionary to help translate key words associated with the topics being taught in school and also unfamiliar words in your child’s reading book.