Attendance Information

Last modified 08/09/2016 14:49

           Attendance Information                 




ESTYN requires that attendance should be 95% or above.  Our school target is for children to achieve at least 93%.  Attendance below 93% for Brynhyfryd Infant School is unsatisfactory.  We understand that there is a strong link between good attendance and good learning.  Please give your child the best possible start in life by ensuring they are in school every day.   We understand that some absences are unavoidable.  If your child is absent or late please contact the school as early as possible.  

Below are some statistics related to attendance:

100% = Full attendance

90% = Half a day off school a week

80% = 1 day off school a week

70% = 1.5 days off school a week

60% = 2 days off school a week

50% = 2.5 days off school a week


Please remember that the bell will ring at 8:50 am every morning and your child needs to be in line with his/her friends at this time.  It is extremely important that your child is on time each day otherwise the late book must be signed in the office and this will affect your child's overall attendance.  Persistent late marks could result in a visit from the Education Welfare Officer (EWO).