In the event of snow.....

Written by Tim McCloskey on 1/12/2017 8:05:21 AM.

Snow has been forecast for the end of the week.  It may or may not arrive.  In case it does:


  • If it snows during the school day please do not telephone us if you can help it as this will clog the switchboard.  We will text message all parents should we have to close the school in the school day.  It is therefore essential we have your correct mobile phone number on our system.  In addition we will tweet update messages.  These will in turn go to the school Facebook page and parents /families who can retweet or further share on their own Facebook accounts would help us a lot in getting these messages out there.  We will also post update on the school website – most easily accessed by googling Cefn Hengoed Community School. 


  • In the days ahead, please ensure you have the means for us to contact you should we have to eg a mobile number of a phone you have on you.  We have plans in place which we have used in the past to get children home if we have to and inform parents – social media makes a huge difference these days in getting the message out there.


  • As we are high on the hill up in Bonymaen, our bus companies will contact us if they feel they have to send the buses out early.  They will not attempt to climb the hills if the snow settles too heavily and contact us well in advance to send the buses.  This is usually our first sign that we need to plan to get the children home. 


  • If it snows out of school hours, e.g. during the night and we have to make a decision early in the morning to close the school we will do all of the above: text all parents, tweet, Facebook page, school website.  We also have a school codeword which we ring into The Wave to message that the school is closed.  The Wave will not make any school closure announcement without the school codeword being quoted.  Please do not ring us at school as this clogs the switchboard – if the snow is very bad it is unlikely there will be anyone to answer the phones.



  • The Headteacher makes the decision to close the school, as every school’s location and geography is different, which has an impact on that decision.  This is why some schools close and some schools do not.  We recognise we are at more risk as we are high up and surrounded by steep hills but have closed on only a few occasions in the past. 


  • We hope that if closure does happen, that you get access to at least one of the methods we use to communicate with you. 


  • We take your child’s safety and security very seriously and will make the right decision on the day if it comes to that.


Thank you for your patience and if closure happens you can be sure it will be business as usual as soon as possible.