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    Bishopston Primary School

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    Bishopston Primary School 

    The school aims to provide a caring and stimulating environment in which every child and adult is actively involved and valued for their contribution. The school is a Level 2 Rights Respecting School (2012) and bases it's ethos on clear and explicit Values.


    In a recent Estyn inspection report (July 2012) it was stated that the good level of care, support and guidance provided for pupils is a strength of the school. It was also stated that: Pupils feel, secure, valued and safe within the school’s nurturing environment.

     Click here for guidance on the LNF ( Literacy and Numeracy Framework).

    The school's Vision for ICT - Created by our Digital Leaders:

    Moving forward in ICT is done through;



    and creating without limits.

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    Mr. G Widlake

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