Hairspray – Last minute information

Written by KEVIN DAVIES on 6/16/2017 8:51:17 AM.

Tickets are now on sale in the school office!

Adults £6.00 concessions £5.00.

On Monday we will start taking photographs for the programme (timetable below). In order to complete their costume, some cast members may need one or two things. Please don’t spend too much money. Primark and Asda have particularly good deals on things like ankle socks. If any pupil has financial issues please see Mrs Dennis.

All girls will need white ankle socks.

Detention Class and Detention Dancer Girls will need – character shoes or white or black lace-up tennis shoes (daps/low ankle converse). This section of the cast also have the option to wear shoes which match or “go with” the colour of their costume. If any of these are unavailable then school shoes will be fine with some black elastic looped over the top to keep them in place.

I have also asked if this group can find a wide belt which compliments the colour of their costume. For example, a yellow costume would look nice with a turquoise or orange belt.