Written by KEVIN DAVIES on 3/31/2017 8:56:46 AM.

This year's summer production will be "Hairspray".

Preliminary auditions will be in Phase 2 Hall until 4pm: 

Years 9 and 10 Monday April 3rd

Year 8 Tuesday April 4th

Year 7 Wednesday April 5th

Before auditions pupils will be asked to put their names on a sign up sheet in their Drama lessons. However, they can also sign up at the audition.

 If pupils wish to be considered for a main role:-

 Girls will need to learn to sing "Good morning Baltimore!" or "I Know Where I've Been". 

Boys will need to learn the song "The Nicest Kids in Town".

Those who wish to be dancers will be taught a short dance sequence at the audition. 

Pupils who would like to be in the chorus will be asked to dance a bit in a group, sing a bit in a group and read a bit of script aloud if they want to.

Turning up to the audition is part of the audition!

In order to be involved pupils will need to be available  from June 20th-23rd, and 26th-29th. Pupils who are on holiday for any of those dates will be unable to participate in the production.