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Last modified 18/09/2014 07:26


Just missing one day off school may mean:
Your child will fall behind with school work and not get results they deserve
They can find catching up difficult and frustrating
They will miss friends and find it hard to stay in friendship groups
They will miss out on opportunities offered to them in school
They will miss out on fun events and activities organised


Some reasons why children might miss school What can be done about it
Cannot do the school work and want to stay home to avoid the lesson Contact Head of Year who will arrange a meeting to discuss the problem on 535400
Couldn’t do their homework Send them in with a letter explaining the problem, or write in their planner.  We also have Homework Club during lunch times where the problem can be dealt with
Not getting on with teachers Contact the Head of Year who will help with the problem
Bullied or fallen out with friends Contact us to sort it out straight away on 535400.  You can talk to the Head of Year or the pastoral team
Sickness Please wring 535414 to report the absence.  For long term sickness work can be arranged to be sent home.  Pupils can also access work at home via the school intranet.
Unsure if they feel well enough If they have minor complaints please send them to school and the situation will be monitored by the pastoral team
Lateness It is better to be late than not arrive at all.  Please ensure that this does not happen on a regular basis.
Holidays Holiday forms need to be completed.  If a pupil has 10 days holiday in the school year they will only attain 94% attendance.   Schools can only authorize absences for a family holiday where there are special circumstances.  A holiday form needs to be completed in advance.
INSET Days Check planners, school letters and the school website.  If you are still unsure contact us on 535400
Medical Appointments As far as possible medical appointments should be made outside of school hours.  Pupils should return to school after these appointments
Birthdays Ideal time for them to be surrounded by their friends and the best place for that is in school
Fridays Everyone likes to see a Friday.  Just remember that school does have a 5 day week.
Rain Not an excuse to stay at home.  Suitable clothing should be worn
Non Uniform Day New clothes are not necessary.  They can wear school uniform if they wish.  This day is as important as any other school day.  Pupils should attend as normal.
Last Day of Term This is another school day and is just as important to attend as any other.  Often there are activities taking place and they may miss out if they do not attend.