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Leonardo Effect!

Our focus during the spring and summer term was integrating art and science through the topic of ‘Water’. Pupils developed their thinking through carrying out thought showers which informed our planning for the two terms. The subject that was highlight from the thought showers lead us to begin with sea vessels and disasters, this coincided with the Costa Concordia disaster and the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

Water pics 12 (55)  Water pics 12 (60)

 Larry the lobster Colin the crab and Suzy the Spider Crab made a special appearance and sat beautifully still for the children to carry out life drawing classes.  

Water pics 12 (44)  Water pics 12 (54)Water pics 12 (45)

The results were outstanding!!!

Lobsters (1)  Lobsters (2)

Lobsters (3)  Lobsters (5)

After 5 days the visiting party began to outstay their welcome and were then brutally dissected by Mrs. Williams.

   Water pics 12 (63)  Water pics 12 (68)