Storm in a Tea Cup!

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During the Autumn term the entire school focussed their learning around tea which coincided with Mrs. Davies visit to China. She provided the school with a decorative tea caddy which was to be at the heart of our planning.

 williamson-tea_blackChina (5)


The children carried out their own planning asking questions regarding the tea caddy.


What does Jasmine tea taste like?


Where does tea originate?


What material would keep tea warm for longest?


Beth sy’n well’da ti yfed?


Who is Earl Grey?

Through close connections with the ‘National Waterfront Museum’ we were lucky enough to be invited to carry out workshops with resident artists and tea experts from Wales. This included art with Keith Bayliss and a question and answer session with Welsh tea entrepreneur Alan Wenden, the founder of Adwell foods. 



We have created some fabulous art work related to the tea caddy, including techniques such as batik, collage, ceramics and mixed media.

 China (4) China (3)

 China (2)

We were also keen to look for joint learning outcomes (J.L.Os)

e.g.  When creating our tea bricks and our own tea cups out of clay we had to take into consideration the size of them, so we measured, discussed, worked collaboratively, designed, created, problem solved and we even discussed materials and how the clay changes from a wet pliable state, to dry and brittle, then to hard, but porous when biscuit fired.  Finally we learnt about glazed clay and that a chemical reaction takes place.

When we created our time-lines, we had to research appropriate dates using our library and the internet (ICT).  We used skills such as problem solving, creating, writing, mathematics and chronology, Cwricwlwm Cymreig and thinking.