Awesome Apps

Last modified 07/06/2012 20:17

Awesome Apps!

This page is dedicated to sharing some of the fantatsic Apple Apps we use in school which you may be interested in.

As you may already know, the school has invested heavily in purchasing Apple IPads and IPods to enrich our pupils learning.

The table below will be regularly updated so we can share with you the Apps we are using in school and you may wish to try yourselves at home?

Name of App.



Book Creator

A fantastic app you can use to produce your own books and publish in your ITunes library, print as a book or even email it to friends!


QR Reader

To create and scan QR codes.



Creative Book Builder

To create books with images and text that can be saved to the iBooks library.



Make fantastic HD movies and trailers using your photos and video footage. You can then save these and burn them onto a DVD to show your friends.


Garage Band

To compose, save and export music using multiple tracks and a wide range of instruments.



Puppet Pals

An amazing App you may have already seen in some of our school assemblies make movies using different backgrounds and characters. Purchase of Directors Pass allows own backgrounds and characters.


Directors Pass £1.99

Mow it!

This app allows you children to cut grass in different shapes. They could try their spelling words on the grass or just mow it in neat lines. You can choose between a strummer, a hand however or electric one for different effects. As the app says, tap to mow, shake to grow!


Dragon Dictate

A great novelty app, but also very useful for children and adults. Simply press record, say what you want it to type and it appears on the screen. You can then copy and paste it into other apps. Great for reluctant or unconfident writers.


Talking Tom

The children’s favourite.  Mimics everything you say! Fantastic App for children to assist with speaking and listening skills in English, Welsh or any other language they may choose!


Epic Citadel

Take an amazing tour around a medieval world. Children love to imagine there are knights and princesses roaming the citadel walls. We have been using this app for creative writing during our skills club sessions.


Pop Maths

A brilliant app to help develop children’s mental maths skills.



Take a picture from the internet or of objects / people around you and add words to bring it to life. Year 6 have used this especially well to bring images of World War 2 to life.