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Eco Club

Last modified 19/09/2012 11:00
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Eco club is a fun club held at lunch times that anyone can join and enjoy. We do things in the garden and flower beds, planting flowers and bulbs. We also take part in competitions.

Eco Club is held on Mondays at lunchtime in Mrs Stones room and in the garden.
  • Monday 1205pm - 100pm (Mrs Stone)


Schools should be healthy, so try to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Use things as many times as possible before throwing away.
Save water by turning off the taps.
Try to buy local or fair-trade produce.
Always put litter in the bins provided.
If you can, walk, cycle, take the bus or share cars.
Nurture the outdoor environment.
Always shut windows and doors when the heating is on.
Be careful not to leave things on standby.
Lights use lots of energy: turn them off!
Enjoy the benefits of an eco friendly environment.

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