Support & Challenge at all levels

Last modified 31/07/2014 18:35

Support and Challenge at all levels


At St Thomas Community Primary School, we recognise all pupils as individuals and aim to support and challenge them all, whatever their ability. 


Additional Learning Needs

Some children may find different aspects of learning difficult at various times of their schooling. If such instances arise, the school will do everything possible to support the child in developing the skills necessary to become idependent in their learning. This may include:

  • Differentiated tasks at a level appropriate to the child's ability
  • Additional adult support
  • Peer support
  • Additional learning resources including online resources
  • Intervention groups, focusing on a specific target
  • Parent support to focus learning appropriately outside school

If children continue to find it difficult to make progress, the school will produce an Individual Education Plan which identifies the child's current strengths and needs as well as future, achievable targets. This 'School Action' stage forms the first stage within the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice for Wales. 

There may also be a need to involve external agencies, such as speech and language therapists, educational psychologists or paeditricians. When external agencies become involved this is regarded as 'School Action Plus'.

Should more significant learning issues arise, a child may be referred for a Statutory Assessment of Educational Needs which may result in a child being issued with a Statement of Educational Needs. This is a statutory document which sets out the child's needs and entitlements. 


More Able and Talented


There are also occasions when some children will excel in their learning and be working at a level above that expected for their year group. Just as it is important the school supports children who find learning difficult it is also important that the school challenges those more able children at an appropriate level to extend their ability even further. This may be undertaken by:

  • Differentiated tasks at a level appropriate to challenge the child's ability
  • Peer support
  • Learning resources, including online resources which match the child's ability
  • Intervention groups, focusing on higher level skills
  • Parent support to focus learning appropriately outside school
  • Opportunities for the child to develop and apply their skills independently to their learning.


Parental Engagement

Parents play a vital role in their children's learning and we will inform you if we feel your child is finding a certain aspect of their learning difficult or they are excelling in a particular area so that you can provide appropriate support at home. 

Please also feel free to discuss your child's learning with us at any time.