Pupil Website

Last modified 07/02/2017 01:04

Our Pupil Website


St Thomas Community Primary School provides a range of online software to help

support your child's learning in school and at home, via our Pupil Website.


Our Pupil Website can be found using this link.  


Pupils will need their username and password to log in to the software.


The school has bought in to the following resources to support your child in literacy,

numeracy and other skills. The majority of these packages can be tailored to your

child's specific ability and learning needs. 



Here you will find links to external websites and videos that have resources to help you support your child's learning.

All of the resources below are linked to 3rd party websites.  Although teachers have checked the sites, St Thomas CPS does not take responsibility for any of the content on these websites or any eventuality that may occur from visiting these sites.




Literacy Resources

Nursery Rhymes




Alphabet Songs





Phonics - Letter Sounds





Early Maths - Counting Songs



Counting to 10


Numberbonds Game

Counting to 100

Times Tables

2 Times Table



5 Times Table


10 Times Table


3 Times Table

4 Times Table

6 Times Table

8 Times Table

7 Times Table


9 Times Table

11 Times Table

12 Times Table

2-D Shape

3-D Shape